Argentine Ants

Linepithema humile

Argentine ant colonies can grow to monumental size — their colony borders sometimes cover entire habitats. Able to thrive everywhere, they can be found across six continents and nest in almost any environment. Unlike most ant species, Argentine ant queens join the workers to forage for food.

Argentine Ants
Color Dark brown to black; Shiny
Legs 6
Shape Segmented; Oval
Size 1/16 - 1/4"
Antennae True

Where Do Argentine Ants Live?

Argentine ants thrive everywhere and span six continents. These ants can nest in both moist and dry places, oftentimes building their nests in living soil, underneath wood, debris, or mulch. They also like to find cavities in the bases of trees and shrubs. Argentine ant nests are quite large and build off of each other, rather than budding off and creating new nests.

Are Argentine Ants Dangerous?

Argentine ants do not pose a threat to humans. However, these ants quickly grow in number and assail other ant species, as well as other insects and even small animals.

Do Argentine Ants Bite?

These ants do bite but are not poisonous.

What Do Argentine Ants Eat?

Argentine ants prefer sweet foods, such as syrup, fruit juices, or plant secretions, particularly honeydew created by aphids. However, they will eat almost anything, including meats, eggs, oils and fats.

Signs You Have an Argentine Ants Infestation

Argentine ants move in well-defined lines, often of three ants wide. If you find one of these trails inside your home, you likely have an infestation.

How To Prevent an Infestation

These pests are attracted to moisture — especially standing water — so the first step is to remove moisture from inside and outside the home. To prevent an Argentine ant infestation, seal up any entry points to the home. Ants can use trees and branches close to rooflines to reach high points in your home, so be sure to trim all branches and keep them away from the house.

How to Get Rid of Argentine Ants

Argentine ants are tenacious, and generally spraying near their nests or around your house will cause them to bud off and create new nests, making your infestation worse. Instead, use baits that allow worker ants to bring the poison back into their nests and kill off the colony. Additionally, make sure to keep all surfaces clean at all times, so there is nothing for them to try to forage from your home.

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