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March 09, 2023

You Lucky Bug: 5 Insects That Bring Good Fortune

As St. Patrick’s Day nears, you might be hoping to have the luck of the Irish. But maybe you don’t need leprechauns or rainbows for luck. Maybe all you need are just a few more bugs in your life. (Don’t worry — we’ll help you contain them.)

Insects may give you the shivers, but throughout ages and cultures, many bugs have been believed to bring good luck. So before you squish, take a moment to check out this list of five insects that may bring you good fortune this year.


Crickets have a long history of being thought to bring good fortune. Remember our favorite character from Mulan? (Though he didn’t appear to be that lucky.)

If a cricket makes its way into your home, you can expect to experience good fortune. But if you’re squeamish about bugs, be careful — killing a cricket is believed to bring bad luck to your household. So, if you have an influx of crickets that keep you up at night, call the professionals for a bad-luck-resistant removal.

Can’t tell apart a cricket from a grasshopper? Grasshoppers are more active during the day and have short antennae, so look for longer antennae and nocturnal activity to find your lucky cricket.


According to legend, the 21st emperor of China, Yuryaka Tenvo, was bitten by a bug while hunting. A dragonfly then ate the insect, keeping the emperor from further harm and giving them the lucky reputation they still have today. If one lands on you, it’s believed that a friend will bring you good news, and if you catch one, you’ll marry within the year. But, if you see a dead dragonfly, anticipate bad news.

In North America, some Native American myths suggest that dragonflies were initially dragons tricked into shapeshifting, and as a result, they symbolize change, speed, and illusion.

Lakota and Dakota armor is often decorated with dragonfly symbols to summon the power of the dragonfly's illusions and confuse enemies. Meanwhile, according to Cherokee tradition, killing a dragonfly invites bad luck, and seeing a dragonfly predicts future success.

In some cultures, they represent prosperity, many believing that if you see a dragonfly and make a wish, it’ll come true.


Although they're a pain in your home, it's said that ladybugs grant more patience and fewer burdens if they land on you. Some cultures even believe that their touch could take away illness and that wearing a ladybug amulet could bring good luck.

However, be on your guard for an insect that looks very similar: the Asian lady beetle. They're an invasive species that aren't afraid to bite and feed on ladybugs and other insects. To tell the difference, ladybugs have 13 or fewer spots on their orange or reddish wings and two white lines that meet behind their head. The Asian lady beetle has a black, M-shaped mark on their heads and secretes a yellow, smelly fluid.

If you have an infestation of flying red bugs and can't tell which is which, contact pest control to determine if your luck will hold out.


If you’ve seen “The Mummy,” you’re familiar with these small beetles from ancient Egypt that still exist today. Although the movie depicted them as terrors, in many cultures, they serve as a mark of good fortune.

In ancient Egypt, they represented the rising sun and protection from evil, which is why they’re so often seen in Egyptian art. Some traditions see scarabs as a reminder of the importance of perseverance and resilience.

What do you believe? If you see this iridescent little bug, will you run screaming or make a wish?


Often a symbol of transformation for their metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, many people see butterflies as a lucky symbol of change and new beginnings. Some believe that seeing a butterfly means you’re about to enter an exciting journey, just like a caterpillar building its cocoon.

Butterflies signify the importance of change, and many say that in order to become something beautiful, you must be patient — like the butterfly.

If you find yourself with one too many “lucky” pests in your home and feel as if your good fortune has run out, contact Stark Exterminators for a personalized pest control plan (lucky dust-sprinkling optional).