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November 13, 2019

Stark's Pest-Free Camping Survival Guide

Now that we’re finally starting to see some cooler temperatures in the South, it doesn’t seem so ridiculous to load up your kayak, put on your hiking boots and throw a tent in the trunk. Camping trips are one of the distinct joys of fall, when it’s not too hot to sit around the fire and you can look forward to crisp mornings in the woods.

But the one thing everyone hates about camping is the never-ending bug battle. Mosquitos, ants, ticks and more plague innocent campers who want to enjoy their s’mores and lake views in peace. You can’t avoid bugs entirely when you’re camping (it is the outdoors after all!), but utilizing things like bug tents and sealed coolers can certainly cut down on these unwanted party crashers.

The bugs that prey on unsuspecting campers can also be found wreaking havoc on your backyard. If you notice any of these pests around your property, contact us today to start taking back your yard.