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Friday, January 20, 2023

Prevent Pests in 2023 With These Six Resolutions

Sometimes, New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep. We often set unrealistic goals or attempt to learn hobbies we don’t find fun (no need to force ourselves to read an entire book every day!). Instead of focusing on forgetful goals, consider attempting a simpler, crowd-pleasing resolution: keeping your home pest-free in 2023.

Luckily, there are several ways to prevent pests without changing much about your daily routine. From picking up clutter to wiping down counters, here are six pest-prevention tips to avoid unwanted, multi-legged visitors this year.

Resolution 1: Dispose of Waste Properly

It’s tempting to leave the crumbs that missed the trash can laying where they are — if only our tossing skills were as good as we believe them to be. But unsurprisingly, pests love our missed crumbs and discarded items. From soda cans to spoiled food, rodents and insects follow their noses to the source.

Ensuring all of your food waste makes it into the bin while routinely taking out the trash not only helps your home smell better, but helps keep the pests away. If you store trash bags outdoors, bleaching your outside trash cans can help keep them clean and pest-free, and keeping their lids tightly sealed can keep out critters of all sizes.

Resolution 2: Keep Things Dry

Many pests, such as roaches and silverfish, thrive in moist areas. Some even require humidity to survive. Empty any standing water outside, such as rainwater that fills buckets and plant overflow. Also, completely shut off your garden hose to avoid leaking water. Otherwise, pests may see your yard as the perfect watering hole.

Inside your home, repair dripping faucets and any other leaks, and keep humid areas — such as bathrooms and sink cabinets — dry and free of clutter. Regularly cleaning your bathroom and kitchen can help remove any standing water that could be a refreshing drink for pests.

Resolution 3: Make Sure It’s Sealed

While it’s easy to lose chip clips or forget to lock up meal leftovers, this could attract both rodents and insects. Sealing up uneaten food and drinks ensures your favorite snacks remain untouched.

Keeping things sealed has multiple meanings; cracks in your walls, doors, or windows are like big “Welcome” signs to pests. Being mindful of cracks and calling in professionals when gaps need to be filled will help prevent rodents and insects from getting inside.

Resolution 4: Tidy Your Landscape

It’s important to keep your lawn and garden cut short and your porch free of debris. Tall grass acts as a pre-built nest for pests, while bushes in your yard and trash on the porch give them a place to hide. Maintaining these outdoor areas could prevent pests from coming inside your space.

If you have wood piles, try to keep them at least 20 feet away from your home unless you’d like to welcome a family of skunks, mice, or spiders indoors. Insects and rodents love to make their home amongst the wood, and it’s not your ideal cabin getaway.

Resolution 5: Declutter the Corners

Cleaning your home and picking up items in forgotten corners can help significantly with pest prevention. By decluttering, you’re removing any possible hiding spots and homes for pests.

Avoid leaving dirty dishes out overnight. Since most pests are nocturnal, they will see any leftover food as the perfect late-night snack. While vacuuming, check under couches, tables, and other dark hideaways that may act as a shady home for a centipede or two.

Wipe away the grime under and around your favorite coffee table books and accent pieces. When dusting, check corners, as spiders can build a web overnight. Tackling those hard-to-reach spots can help keep the eight-legged insects at bay and avoid getting stuck in the sticky traps.

Resolution 6: Schedule Regular Inspections

Keeping up with pest-control inspections and knowing your home is pest-free can help keep your mind at ease. Professionals know where pests like to play hide and seek, so they’ll see cracks, gaps, and hideaways that might be in our blind spots.

It’s important to have the outside and inside of your home inspected for signs of pest entry, nesting, and more. Contact Stark Exterminators to stay updated on 2023 pest-prevention resolutions and receive a personalized pest-control plan.