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Thursday, August 26, 2021

How to Enjoy a Pest-Free Patio This Summer

It’s a great time to invite guests over to your patio to enjoy the last few months of summer. The days are long, the sun is hot, and the conversation is flowing. But not all guests are welcome. Whether you’re having a cookout, party, or picnic, bugs invite themselves to your patio and overstay their welcome. Nobody wants invasive species like mosquitoes, ants, ticks, and flies getting in the way of a good time. How do you keep bugs off your patio? Here are five simple and cost-effective ways to battle bugs and keep them at bay this summer.

Install a Patio Fan

One way to keep your patio bug-free this summer is to install a patio fan. That nice breeze does more than just cool you off. It turns out that the strong wind from fans can ward off flies, mosquitoes, and other invasive pests.

Tidy up Your Yard

A well-manicured lawn does more than give you curb appeal. Tall grass attracts ticks that also may infest your pet. Bushes or long tree limbs near your house provide easy access for pests to get inside your home. Also, using mulch creates the perfect environment for bugs to burrow since it’s dark and damp.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

It’s important to keep your gutters regularly cleaned. Not only does this help the overall health of your home, it also limits the number of pests that get near your patio. Dirty gutters provide food and shelter to bugs like mosquitoes, ants, and earwigs. Keeping gutters clean makes it less likely you’ll have a major pest problem.

Grow Your Plant Collection

Can you ever have too many house plants? The growing trend of house plants is popular since plants not only make you feel better, they can also help keep bugs and insects away. Plants are a natural solution to repel bugs, and they also look great on your patio. Specific plants have a different effect on certain bugs. Chrysanthemums are said to keep roaches, ants, ticks, fleas, and bedbugs away while marigolds and rosemary are helpful when it comes to mosquitoes.

Let The (Right) Light Shine

It’s no surprise that bugs are attracted to light, but you can make some small changes to help deter them. According to a recent study, using amber-filtered bulbs instead of white light attracts fewer insects while in the rainforest. The study revealed that 60 percent fewer insects were caught in traps illuminated in a golden glow. Stay away from traditional incandescent bulbs and replace them with colored LED lights that produce a yellow/orange hue.

Summer Bugs Still Buzzing?

If you’ve tried these helpful tips to bug off your patio but still need assistance, we’re here to help. Call Stark Exterminators today — we’ll take care of the rest.