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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Five Ways You’re Inviting Mosquitoes to Crash Your Party

Ever go on a camping trip and suddenly wish you weren’t on that camping trip? The feeling is usually accompanied by red lumps popping up all over your ankles, constant itching, and a horrid little buzzing noise next to your ear. Yup, mosquitoes are out to ruin your summer-chill-vibes. It almost seems like they hate fun. Here are five strange ways you may be attracting these little party poopers:

No! It can’t be. Unfortunately, due to reasons beyond the reach of science, mosquitoes have an affinity for beer drinkers. It could be the increased body temperature, the ethanol in our sweat, or it could just be that the little buggers want a second-hand buzz. Scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly why mosquitos love beer-sippers, but it truly is the ultimate party-poopery. 

Mosquitoes love B.O., and when you exercise, you release intoxicating aromas like lactic acid, uric acid, and ammonia through your sweat. Also, your body heat increases. So, essentially, exercise turns your body into a giant, hot, smelly neon sign advertising an all-you-can-eat blood barbecue. Yet another reason to stay poolside with a nice cold one (not beer) and resist the urge to jog. 

If you are prone to avoiding showers or washing your hands, you are asking for all the wrong kinds of attention. Not only from co-workers, but from these bloodsucking insects. To be fair, it’s not just dirty people. The reason mosquitoes focus on your feet and ankles is because bacteria have colonized those parts of your body — building bacteria cities, railways, and governments. 

If your closet consists of “eh,” you are going to be very popular with mosquitoes. Darker shades of black, blue, and red attract them, whereas brighter clothing and patterns will confuse these extremely visual buggers. Maybe it’s time to branch out and go with some bold fashion statements this summer. Or keep listening to Metallica and wearing band T-shirts — just know that they’ll be coming for you.

As if they didn’t have enough to deal with, pregnant women lure in these insects nearly twice as much as everyone else. It’s partly due to the increased levels of carbon dioxide in their breath and partly due to their elevated body temperature. But this is just one more case of mosquitoes being complete jerks. 
Don’t lose all hope though. Your pursuit of summer fun will not be in vain.  There are things you can do to prevent getting bit. For example, you can eat lots of garlic, remove all standing water around your house, wear repellant, and buy citronella candles. But the best possible solution is to contact us. We’ll help un-invite these poopers to your party.