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Thursday, June 5, 2014

5 Tips to Rid Your Home of Pests

Cindy Mannes

Summertime is here and as people are getting ready to go on vacation or just spend a day at the lake, everyone tends to make sure their home is safe before they leave. To stay safe from intruders, homeowners’ lock doors, turn on outside lights, and turn on alarm systems. While they might assume they’ve take all of the necessary precautions, some will still forget about the most damaging intruder…the one with four, six, or eight legs that are trying to get inside your home to make it their own.

Use these tips to keep your home protected from pests and to send those unexpected houseguests packing.

Tips for Pest Protection

  1. Remove standing water in your yard. These mosquito breeding grounds include: birdbaths, saucers of flowerpots, and kiddie pools. Also, cleaning out rain gutters will prevent water from collecting in your drains.
  2. Cut tree branches and other plants around the house. This will help keep insects, like ants, from using them as a path into your home.
  3. Take out all trash. Do this before you leave the house and make sure that all garbage cans are sealed tight so houseflies are not attracted to it.
  4. Store leftover treats. Pests will find anything that hasn’t been sealed tight in air tight containers.
  5. Put your clothes in large plastic bags inside your suitcase. If you’re planning to travel on vacation, this is a great way to prevent bed bugs from hiding in your clothes. When you return home inspect your clothes and vacuum suitcases before bringing them inside.

We hope that this checklist is helpful and allows you and your family to better enjoy your vacation with less stress about your home. If you do suspect an infestation call Stark immediately.

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