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In Mississippi there are a multitude of pests that you may encounter in and around your home.  Common household intruders include ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites and mice, just to name a few.  These and other pests are not only a nuisance to homeowners; they can carry diseases as well as cause significant damage to your home.  Enlisting the help of a licensed and trained pest control professional is the best way to protect your family and home.  Stark Exterminators in Mississippi offers the best termite control, pest control, wildlife control and mosquito control services with our STEPS® Total Protection System™.

The STEPS® Total Protection System™ from Stark Exterminators

Our industry leading STEPS Total Protection System is an innovative approach to termite and pest control that provides you with a pest-free environment both inside and outside your home.  As part of the STEPS Total Protection System, we utilize Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, a three step process that begins with a thorough inspection to pinpoint the pest issues.  Our pest control experts then identify not only the pest but the conditions conducive to your pest problem.  From there we provide treatment to eliminate pest issues and help prevent recurrence in the future.   Our goal is to provide you with peace-of-mind knowing that you are protecting your family and home from pests.

The Best Pest Control in Mississippi - Guaranteed!

You can trust the pest, termite and wildlife control services from Stark's pest professionals because all our services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.   Our promise to you is that you are getting the best guarantee in the business.

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5444-A I-55 North Frontage Road
Jackson, MS  39211

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Meridian, MS 39305

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