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Discovering a fire ant colony in your home or yard requires the services of a professional exterminator. Due to their painful bites, fire ants are responsible for countless emergency room visits each year. These pests are extremely territorial, and will quickly swarm and attack anyone who comes near their nest. Unfortunately, those who have the misfortune of wandering too close to a fire ant nest can be attacked by multiple ants, resulting in numerous bites in just a matter of seconds.

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Fire ants can also be an incredible problem in your home, plus greatly affect your ability to enjoy your yard and other outdoor activities. Controlling these voracious pests takes special care and attention. You can trust Stark Exterminators® to provide the very best in fire ant prevention services that will solve your problem and help protect your family.

As part of the STEPS® Total Protection System, Stark uses a fire ant control method which delivers desired results. Our aim is to completely eliminate the fire ant colony using the most environmentally responsible means available. 

Year-Round Protection

In neighborhoods with especially high fire ant concentrations, year-round prevention is the recommended choice for control. This fire ant control service includes quarterly inspections and necessary treatments and guarantees year-round protection.

One-Time Fire Ant Treatment

If fire ants invade your yard, Stark has the expertise to treat that infestation so you can reclaim your yard so you can enjoy your property to the fullest.

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With the STEPS Total Protection System, all of our services are 100% guaranteed. We've built our reputation on standing by our customers with the best guarantee in the business.

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